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Ghost in the Shell: Arise

ghost-in-the-shell-arise“ARISE” is set in 2027 A.D. making it a prequel to the original Ghost in the Shell. It’s set for release in Japanese theaters on June 22, 2013 and will then be available worldwide on blu-ray and dvd on July 26th. The story will be told in four 50 minute OVAs. The first installment is titled “border:1 Ghost Pain.” The principal voice cast is entirely new in order to reflect the younger incarnation of the characters and includes Maaya Sakamoto as Mokoto Kusanagi, Kenichirou Matsuda as Batou, Tarusuke Shingaki as Togusa, Tomoyuki Dan as Ishikawa, Takurou Nakakuni as Saito, Youji Ueda as Paz, Kazuya Nakai as Borma, Ikkyuu Juku as Daisuke Aramaki, Mayumi Asano as Kurutsu, and Takanori Hoshino as Raizō.

The prequel, which will explain how the entire Section 9 team came together, opens in Japanese theaters next month and will play out in four 50-minute segments.

An extended trailer for the four-movie Ghost in the Shell: ARISE anime series has arrived, and if Motoko’s odd character design is still freaking you out, these familiar faces should put you at ease. Section 9’s Batou, Togusa (who clearly has a lifetime commitment to his mullet) and the Chief make their appearances.

There’s a bit more cyborg action and cyber-stuff, too, so that’s nice. Motoko’s Battle Lingerie doesn’t make an appearance, but at one point she is in her underwear, so at least we know Production I.G is continuing to work with GitS‘ main themes. The first movie hits Japan on June 22nd, 2013.



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